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 Dealing with worry 

We all worry from time to time. Worries are normal and they are more common than we realise. However, they can feel overwhelming because when we are worried we start to develop feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed.  Positive aspects of worry  You might be surprised to know but there are actually positive aspects of …

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Goal Setting

Goal setting is an overlooked and yet very important aspect of our daily lives. We are more likely to be purposeful and fulfilled if our daily activities are linked to meaningful goals. SMART When we set goals for ourselves, we are more likely to succeed in achieving our goals if they are SMART. Goals that …

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Finding purpose through activity

The Covid pandemic has been a challenging time and has affected aspects of mental health in ways which have been unprecedented. Estimates show that instances of anxiety and depression have gone up over the last year as the nation has been in lockdown. Day to day activities have been severely restricted and regular routines have …

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